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Even your publishing house can start selling e-books on its e-shop. Your readers can find everything under one roof. Miguel can handle epub, mobi and pdf e-books and meets the highest standards of protection through advanced social DRM. See for yourself how easy, fast, safe and reliable it is. This tool was tailored to the needs of publishers.

What is Miguel for?

Miguel is a system that allows you to sell secured e-books directly to your e-shop customers.

  • Three formats are available - EPUB, PDF and even MOBI
  • Every e-book is protected by complex social DRM
  • Increase your overall sales of e-books. You won't lose sales elsewhere (verified)
  • You'll save tens of percent in commission
  • Increase your customers' loyalty by providing everything in one place
  • Allows distribution of audiobooks

Only source files in EPUB and PDF formats can be uploaded to Miguel. The MOBI is created from the EPUB using Calibre (which achieves a much better look and feel and a smaller file size than KindleGen). You can upload audiobooks as a ZIP file.

Why choose Miguel?

Miguel was tailored to the needs of publishers. All e-books are signed with social DRM and additionally protected against its removal, meeting the protection requirements for even the most demanding agencies. Miguel was created by the leading Czech publishing house Jan Melvil Publishing (in the Czech Republic it published e.g. Influence: Science and Practice – Robert B. Cialdini, Atomic Habits – James Clear, Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker, or Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman), which has been using this tool for several years and now, Miguel is finding a place in other publishing houses as well. Here are some of the benefits of using Miguel:

  • Automatic order status switching (taking into account both print and electronic purchases, Shoptet and Prestashop only)
  • Immediate processing of orders
  • Automatic checking of the EPUB validity
  • MOBI format is automatically converted from the supplied EPUB
  • You will see a note in your order about the e-book being sent (Shoptet only)
  • Sophisticated protection system through social DRM and other mechanisms
  • It also supports audiobook format, though without DRM for the time being

Who is the system intended for?

Are you a publisher or an author/self-publisher thinking about starting to sell books electronically? Or do you already sell e-books, but so far you only use other distributors and this option is missing on your own e-shop? In both cases, Miguel is the ideal solution for you. It is easy to use, fast, safe and reliable. Plus, it allows you to direct your marketing to your site where all the profit goes to you.

What about audiobooks?

Miguel also allows you to send out audiobooks. The zipped mp3s leave from a secure link, so there is no mass distribution of a public link, which could result in illegal downloads. DRM is currently under development.


For more information, see Miguel's documentation pages.