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Miguel is primarily intended for publishers and authors/self-publishers who have their own e-shop and want to offer e-books directly to the customers.


Using Miguel via its API. This way must be used if you are using a custom e-shop solution. Launching and activation requires some adjustments to your e-shop (most commonly adjusting the product menu to include an electronic product). For more information, see Usage > API.


If you use the Shoptet e-shop platform, you can install Miguel simply by enabling the addon for Shoptet. Then you just upload the titles and you can start selling them. More information can be found in the Shoptet section. There is no need to modify your e-shop or do complicated configurations. However, the system also allows individual setting of email templates or automatic change of the order status. See Shoptet > Settings.


If you use WooCommerce (WordPress e-shop plugin), we have a plugin ready. Instructions on how to start can be found in the WooCommerce section.


If you use Prestashop, we have a plugin ready. Instructions on how to start can be found in the Prestashop section.

Checklist before the sale starts

We recommend that you take the following steps before selling:

  • upload e-books (info on formats can be found in the Formats section)
  • set the template for social DRM (not set automatically)

If you use Shoptet or order APIs:

  • set up a template for emails
  • set up SMTP to send emails from your own address (otherwise it will come from our address